Tax Compliance & Advisory

Tax Compliance & Advisory

Man created the State to govern society. The State levied taxes to run the
government. Over time, taxation became more complex. Now, the struggle is to make it simpler. Another challenge in tax administration is the internationalization of business and use of technology in businesses as well as tax administration.

We, at Mehta Sheth & Associates, strive to understand the taxation laws in depth including the objectives of the legislative changes and advise the clients in day to day tax compliance and long term tax structuring and planning.

Our Offerings include:
  • Tax Filings & Compliances
  • Representation before taxation authorities at various levels
  • Tax Advisory and Opinions
  • Tax Health Check Ups & Due Diligence
  • Tax Structuring for International & Cross Border Transactions
  • Transfer Pricing Reviews & Studies

Direct Tax Regime in India has seen many changes over the years, implemented mainly through Finance Act passed by the Indian Parliament every year. India has also entered into Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA) with governments of various countries, which impact multinational corporations as well as Non Residents/Foreign Citizens transacting business or individual transactions with Resident Indian individuals/entities.

We, at Mehta Sheth & Associates have dedicated team to relive clients of day to day compliance burden of complying with the Direct Tax Laws. With more than 150 clients comprising of Indian & Foreign Corporates, High Net Worth Individuals, Charities and all forms of business and non-business organizations, we are also ideally suited for advisory on any long term tax structuring/planning, in compliance to tax legislation.

Indirect taxes directly impact cost of goods and service, cash flow, profitability and ultimately stakeholder value. Any lapse in recovering tax at transaction stage would result in adverse commercial implications.

With advent of Goods and Services Tax (GST), Indian Indirect Tax Regime has undergone a fundamental change. With more and more use of technology in indirect tax administration and frequent changes through notifications/circulars to take care of dynamic business environment, compliance to indirect tax law is a big challenge to any business organization. The cost of non-compliance is prohibitively high.

We, at Mehta Sheth & Associates have dedicated tam of Approx. 15 people to help businesses in day to day compliance of all GST matters. We also have team of senior professionals to advise the businesses in structuring of transactions and supply chain and contracts redesigning, which help them to remain fully compliant to indirect tax structure, while not losing onto opportunity to minimize the tax burden.

Our experience in international and cross border transactions will help any international client in structuring of international transactions/investments, which are fully compliant to Indian Direct Tax Laws.

Transfer pricing is a complex issue for many Indian Corporates with foreign subsidiaries/joint ventures/branches as well as foreign companies having Indian subsidiaries/joint ventures/branches. If not planned properly, transfer pricing litigation can result into huge costs of non-compliance. Our team of trained and experienced professionals will help clients in formation of transfer pricing policies, preparation of transfer pricing studies and representing before transfer pricing authorities.